Braindeadly issue with Machinima


Those familiar with the live streams are also familiar with this issue, for those who don’t know, Braindeadly is a famous World of Warcraft PVP player, he has an YouTube channel that is using Machinima for advertising.

Braindeadly’s contract with Machinima is stipulating that he is bound for life with Machinima, he can’t create another YouTube channel that will act as a competitor for his current YouTube channel, separated by Machinima, basically, he cannot quit making videos unless Machinima will terminate the contract.

There is already a topic posted on regarding this issue, you can check it if you search “Machinima refuses”, from the front page of Reddit.

There is also the full contract posted there, around 500 comments at this point.

What is interesting is that even though this term from the contract might seem evil, the player in question has earned and keeps earning money from the advertising provided by Machinima.

Is a win-win situation, there are other important youtubers that are using Machinima, like Athene (he said he signed a different contract with Machinima though), Swifty, if you check his videos, he almost always is wearing a t-shirt with the Machinima logo.

Machinima is not evil here, this looks like a misunderstanding and the gaming community should wait for an official response from them.

This is just my subjective view.


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