Blizzard introducing Cross Realm Zones (CRZ), what it means?


Blizzard has made another important change prior to Mists of Pandaria, they have introduced “cross realm zones”.

What cross realm zones (crz) means?

It means that outside the main cities for the two factions, Stormwind and Orgrimmar, players will also encounter players from other realms, not only from their own.

This change was made in order to fix the issue regarding low populated realms.

The change only merged realms that are the same, PVP with PVP, PVE with PVE, RP with RP, you won’t be ganked if you play on a non PVP realm, the rules are the same.

The zones are now instanced, for example if you pass the gates of Stormwind, you will get stuck for 1 or 2 seconds when you will be transferfed to the other phase (where the zone is populated by players from more than a realm).

So far, there are around 3 realms merged for “every cross realm” and the number could increase in the future if the lag won’t be an issue.

Players can also join other players (friends), using the REAL ID system, even if their realm is not merged to the one of his friend.

This change is great since it brings back the old “vanilla” World of Warcraft when the world was smaller and players everywhere.

Cross Realm Zones

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