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Beyond Divinity was released as a sequel for Divine Divinity, the action taking place 20 years after the end of the first game from the series. Beyond Divinity is using the same old gameplay, only that this time, there are two characters that the player will have to control, our new hero and a death knight.

The reason for why this game is good is because we can enjoy more of Divine Divinity and why not, it works great on high screen resolutions considering that many years have passed since the release. The bad parts are that the game is superficial, has less epic music, no epic story and sometime will feel that its world is just a Diablo level grind.

Beyond Divinity tips and tricks. (very light spoilers)

Play the game on very easy if you start playing for the first time. This game is very difficult at start. It will be a challenge even on “very easy”. At least for the first act. The difficulty level can be changed at any time. After the first levels, playing on very easy, the game will feel that you are playing with cheats.

The difficulty is given by the number of enemies, number of potions, the gold that they drop, number of skills you gain for each level. Is not given by more damage done by mobs.

If the inventory is displaying the items on bad positions, the helmet, armor etc, this is because of the bug that only appears on Windows 7. To fix it, right click on the Beyond Divinity executable and run the game within the Windows 90/ME compatibility mode. This will work and will fix the game only if you start a new game, it won’t fix anything for saved games though.

It is very important to assign points into healing even though you play as warrior with both the death knight and the hero. Potions are not so many (in the first act) and food cannot be used to restore health. Assign some points into healing from early.

You can kite with a character while the other one that isn’t focused can still do damage against mobs.

You can solve puzzles by moving one character at the time, so each will be in different places for pulling levers or other puzzle elements.

Save the game after assigning stats and skill points, after leveling up.

Beyond Divinity Imp Village

Assign a more comfortable keyboard key for quick save, like “space”. Be careful not to use “space” instead of “alt” for inspecting items from the ground.

If you don’t know how to pass a zone or solve a riddle, close the game, sleep, get up the next day with a clear mind. You will be amazed how you can solve the riddle after.

You can learn skills from different books that are spread throughout the game or from certain NPCs that will require gold. When leveling, you can assign these skills.

Press the “M” key to bring up the mini map.

If just one character is blocked within a room, run with the free character to a new level (room, take the stairs), both will be brought at the starting zone of that new level.

There is one place in the game, a dungeon that has no way out if you do something wrong. You can really get stuck in there forever. Is really hard to do that mistake though, but you have been warned.

Creeps like frogs can be very annoying, use the whirlwind attack to aoe them if one of your characters is a warrior.

When not knowing how to solve a quest, check the “conversation” tab. It can help by displaying the conversations with all the NPCs.

For the “finding roots” quest to cure the imps, if you can’t find all of them and you have looked everywhere, you can press the ALT key and check again the grounds.

Check the big map if you get lost in a dungeon or area. From the journal menu.

When trading, repairing or identifying items with the help of the NPCs, you can select either the hero or the death knight.

On the place where the two character are getting teleported “too often”, if you get ambushed, just run and you will be teleported back somewhere where is safe.

Beyond Divinity Grass Zone


  1. Uacher
    Posted August 30, 2012 at 6:57 am | Permalink

    Do you know the level cap and the skill level cap by any chance?

  2. admin
    Posted August 30, 2012 at 9:12 am | Permalink

    No, but I think there aren’t any since Divine Divinity didn’t had a cap.
    The level is limited by the amount of mobs and quests.

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