Beast Master vs Marksman vs Survival, Hunter specs for patch 5.0.4


Comparing all three specs regarding the latest patch, 5.0.4, why the Beast Master spec is by far the best spec for hunters.

All hunter specs, PVP overview.

Beast Master has: Kill Command and Bestial Wrath (burst and two free trinkets), exotic pets, much more damage from Blink Strike, Intimidation.

Marksman has: Chimera Shot, Aimed Shot, Roar of Sacrifice.

Survival has: Explosive Shot, Black Arrow (sadly it shares cooldown with Explosive Trap), Trap Mastery (quite useless), Roar of Sacrifice.

Considering that Readiness and Silencing Shot have become available no matter the spec, the gameplay has become pretty much the same at least for Marksman and Survival. The Beast Master spec is different because of pets and that the basic shots are replaced by Kill Command and Blink Strike that are the main abilities.

Why Marksman is bad?
Chimera Shot has low damage, heals only for 8k with glyph.
Aimed Shot has low damage, still requires 5 steady shot procs to become instant.
Roar of Sacrifice won’t really make a difference in the current state of the game.

Why Survival is bad?
Explosive Shot has low damage.
Black Arrow has low damage and shares cooldown with Explosive Trap.
Trap Mastery is quite useless. Ice Trap and Snake Trap are useless now because entrapment was removed from the game. There is not even worth to have keybinds for them.

Why Beast Master is superior?
Good burst and free trinkets from Bestial Wrath.
Intimidation (stun).
High damage and mobility from Blink Strike and Kill Command.
Exotic pets, healing, slow, stun etc.

Downside for BM.
Pets can get cc-ed, feared and put out of direct combat. Mostly by mages and other hunters.

Even though the damage might become higher for Marksman and Survival, the Beast Master spec might remain the best hunter spec for MOP. There is no doubt that it is the best spec for the current 5.0.4 game’s version.

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