Barbarian vs Belial, Inferno tactics, DPS required


Bosses are DPS runs now as they will enrage and wipe you in a matter of seconds. The enrage timers have been added with 1.0.3 patch.
Belial is an easy fight even on Inferno difficulty, doesn’t involve much movement except the time when the room is getting full of poison clouds that are exploding.

Barbarian DPS required to down Belial. No issues with 12.5k DPS (unbuffed), 5% crit (basic crit), 15.7k DPS buffed with Berserker rage passive skill (required).

Using the basic barbarian stats and skills explained in an old article (search it) for farming Act 2, except Wrath of the berserker is now using the Insanity rune for more damage. Notice that if you switch a skill, you will lose all your Nephalem valor and you won’t be getting good gear, so you have to run all Act 2 with the Insanity rune.

Belial barbarian DPS required

Belial strategy and tactics. If you have around 50k HP, you don’t need to run from Belial’s basic hits that are announced by green poison clouds, you can auto-attack him all the time from the same place (health globes will show up on your feet from time to time).

You just have to kite the poison clouds when the room is full of them (they will explode and do a lot of damage after 2-3 seconds after they have been put on the ground).
Three times Belial will fill the room with poison clouds, after that, he will enrage and you have 2-3 seconds left until you wipe.

Save Wrath of the berserker until you fight with the “big” Belial as that moment will start the enrage timer, use it every time when is out of cooldown.

Diablo 3 Belial

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