Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition to be released for PC, Android, Mac and iOS


Final Fantasy 7 Enhanced Edition was released last month, in August, another “enhanced” edition for an old school RPG will be released on 18 September. The game is Baldur’s Gate, Enhanced Edition.

What is new?

The game will be available for today’s resolutions, supporting all high resolutions and wide-screen ratio.

It will be available for more than the old PC platform, Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition will be playable on iPad, Android tablets and Mac. Definitely it will be an interesting experience to play the game using touchscreen.

New cinematics. All video cinematics from the initial version have been redone. They will look like painted artworks made to look like a slideshow, something like we see in Guild Wars 2.

Bug-free. The game was “re-coded”, it will be almost bug-free.

New areas like Black Pits, Cloud Peaks (six hours of additional gameplay).

New characters, a monk named Rasaad yn Bashir, something like Kratos from God of War if we look at the artwork, Neera the Wild Mage (a female wizard), and a raw-force character named Dorn Il-Khan, half-orc.

New voices will be available as well.

Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition can be pre-ordered right now for 20$, the PC version.

The iPad and Mac version will be released in November. This version is not currently available for pre-order but it has a price displayed, 10$ for iPad and 20$ for Mac.

The Android version doesn’t have a release date available at this time but it will also cost 10$, like the iPad version. It is highly possible that the game will only run on tablets and not on smarthphones due to the high resolution required.

Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition will not be released for consoles, Xbox or PS3.

Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition

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