Athene manages to raise 1 million $ for Save The Children


Athene and his friends have managed to finally raise 1 million dollars for “Save the children”, operation sharecraft, after around 80 days since he started this donations campaign.
He was yesterday on the stage at Dreamhack, a gaming convention that was held in Sweden, announcing the 1 million dollars goal that was reached.

During all these 80 days, they did live streams every night (Europe time) on, playing video games, and receiving money into the sharecraft PayPal account. Those who donated at least 10 dollars were eligible to win Razer gear (mice, keyboards, etc).

As we can see on, there are still 16 days until they were planning to reach the 1 million goal, there have been 21786 donors so far, and total money raised until now, 1.003.479 dollars.

Athene went into a hunger strike that lasted around ten days, during the middle of the campaign, trying to raise these money and get media attention, each day they had a money amount to reach, the campaign being planned to last 100 days until the final goal was to be reached, for 1.000.000 dollars.

His next live streams should be interesting, after he gets back from Sweeden, Dreamhack, most likely we will see what follows after the money have been raised, maybe some live streams from Africa.

Athene on stage at Dreamhack 2012

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