Adobe Reader Bootstrapper for single installation has encountered a problem and needs to close, error


When you install Adobe Reader for the first time on a PC, you might encounter this error, “Adobe Bootstrapper for Single Installation has encountered a problem and needs to close”.

This happens if you are installing one of the latest Adobe Reader versions and mostly if you install the software on an outdated operating systems like Windows XP (without the latest service packs and updates).

How to fix the issue?

What you can do is to download an older version of Adobe Reader. You can download old Adobe Reader versions from here.

Notice that you need to select your operating system, the language, and the desired version.

Currently, there is only Adobe Reader 9.5 available on this page if you select Windows XP SP2 (32 bit), English as language.

This version works at least on Windows XP Home Edition, without service packs. For an even older Windows version, search the web for very old Adobe Reader versions.
Any Adobe Reader version can read .pdf files, there is no need to have the latest version.

If you can’t install even older versions and can’t pass this error, you can try to find another software for reading PDF files, there are plenty and most of them are free.

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