5 of the best City Building video games for PC


EA has launched the first trailer for Sim City 5, 3D, amazing graphics and details but some fans still prefer 2D games even though they are old, this genre is all about gameplay and not graphics for them.

Here is a list with city building video games that are worth to be played.

Emperor Rise of the Middle Kingdom, a 100% city building video game based on the genre established by Caesar 3, Zeus and Pharaoh, only that it has better graphics, 1024 x maximum resolution and improved gameplay. Other than being the best from this genre, Emperor Rise of the Middle Kingdom is also the last 2D from the Zeus – Pharaoh gaming concept.

Emperor Rise of the Middle Kingdom

Pizza Connection 2. The last 2D game from this series, there is a newer one that has 3D graphics but poor gameplay. The game is about building restaurants and managing pizza places.

Pizza Connection 2

Patrician 3. A classic by Ascaron, an evolved game compared to Port Royale and the previous Patrician 2. The main gameplay factor is making money by transporting goods from a city to another but also building facilities, factories in your own town.

Patrician 3

Stronghold 1 (the economic campaign). Another 2D masterpiece that has two campaign options, the military and the economic one. The economic campaign is based on building things that will reach each missions’s goals.

Civilisation V. The latest game from the series, not exactly a 2D but getting close to the concept, still focusing on gameplay instead of 3D perspectives and detailed zooms.

Civilisation V

Each of these video games for PC require a huge amounts of time and dedication as they are not easy.

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