3 new video cards from ATI, Radeon HD 6670 – HD 6570 – HD 6450


The next “HD” generation of video cards from ATI is here, 3 new models:

– Radeon HD 6670
– Radeon HD 6570
– Radeon HD 6450

Lets see what these gaming engines have to offer:

– Radeon HD 6670 (Turks): 800 MHz graphic chip frequency, 480 stream processors, comes in two versions, one with 512 and one with 1GB memory GDDR5 at 4.000 GHz.

– Radeon HD 6570 (Turks): has also 480 stream processors, however, the graphic chip frequency has only 650 MHz, so the performance will be lower than on HD 6670. This version has also a version with 2GB memory GDDR5.

– Radeon HD 6450: this is the low budget video card on the “entry level”. Has only 160 stream processors, only 625 MHz GPU. This video card has also reduced dimensions, it will fit better in your PC case.

All video cards are on 128 BUS, DX 11 compatible.
What “Turks” means? Means that the first two video cards can use the “crossfire” technology.

Last thing needed is some steady drivers, ATI’s dark side.

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